Beginners Guide on Working Out

So you want to become a bodybuilder, powerlifter, or fit guy?

Then you’ll learn everything there is to it, today!

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The Workout

1# What Kind of Workout Are There? Now Many Working Ones

So wich one should I choose?

There are 2 ways to go about this:

Method 1

Full body workouts

The name says it all, you do a single exercise for every muscle and then you go home, then the next workout you do a different exercise for every muscle.

Theoretically speaking this should be by far the best training method, as you will be continually training all your muscles. I really advice you to try this method out and see if it works for you

Method 2

The classic “muscle group” workout

Yes this is just the regular way of training, Leg Day, Chest Day, Back day, where you train a main group and an assistant group.

For some reason this approach works better for me than the previous one, I guess that natural lifters don’t have as much “recovery power” as juiced lifters, so we are better of only training a main muscle group once per week.

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2# How many workouts per week? Fewer than you think

3 Workouts will do the trick I guarantee you, 2 might be enough and 4 will do too, more than that and it is overkill

Why 3 workouts? Because your body takes about 48h to fully recover, so there should be at least a 1 day pause between each workout.

3 Is what worked for me for quite a long time now (Cardio does not count as a workout).

“I can only train 2 times a week, what should I do?

If your schedule doesn’t allow you to train more than twice a week, that’s fine too, just make sure you hit all muscles in those 2 days, not just favorite groups.

“I want to go to the gym every day, why should I?”

I just explained, yet if you have that much free time you can go, but instead of doing a regular workout do something useful, you can do cardio, train the “forgotten muscles”, like forearm traps, abs… That way you’ll actually be more productive.

3# Gyms and PTs and Coaches are unimportant

Gym conditions and the coaches are not as important as one may think

I started training on a shitty gym, full of idiots that din’t know jack (except for one guy), and I became the national powering champion, and deadlift record holder.

I have never had a coach, I learned from the internet, from that guy, and from my training partner.

For some reason people think you need a mentor to be successful. No!

You just need to put in the work! What you do need is to get your question answered.

But you have the internet for that, you can leave a comment here that I will get back to you, you have forums and Dr. Layne Norton’s YouTube channel answers pretty much any questions you can think of.

Now the Mindset

Organization – You are your own coach

If there is one thing I can proudly call my secret, is my notebook.

This is will give you such an advantage over your competition I can’t even express it in words.

The problem with newbies is that they don’t know their weights and keep constantly screwing up workout, because they fail on achieving that right volume and intensity in training.

The problem with pros is that they are too proud to walk around with a sheet of paper, so they still end up screwing some exercises too.

This is a must! Get a 2$ notebook, and write the following:

  • Exercises name
  • How many reps and sets you did, with how much weight
  • How you felt while performing the exercise, was it easy or hard
  • How you feel you should do it next training

Also write

  • The volume you want to achieve on your workout
  • A check list of goals
  • Your body-fat percentage and weights
  • Important notes

I promise you this will change completely the way you train, and help you a lot.

Why Consistency is Your Strongest Weapon

This is the game changer, the one thing that must not be overlooked, I can’t stress this enough.

Without consistency you will fail, I guarantee you!

Your coaches can be Schwarzenegger and Phil Heat, you can be on all the steroids on the market, and have the best genetics in the world, but without consistency you will still fail.

Nutrition Is Not As Important As You Think

Nutrition is important

But there are only two instances where it becomes as important as training.

This is when trying to lose fat, and when you turn pro.

Why? Because if you are just trying to put on some mass, you will hit your macros without even knowing them, thus “clean eating” and diets become useless and all they will do is demotivate you.

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Set Some Goals

Pcheap supplementseople care too much about setting goals, it’s important but not that much

I’ve personally never set any goals until recently, when I decided I would break a world record.

My achievements came naturally. Although I would joke sometimes about being national champion I actually didn’t expect to win the nationals.

I won because of consistency and organization, not protein powder and hopes (although motivation played a big role too).

In other words, I advise you to plan goals for yourself, not other people.

Instead of wanting to have abs in the summer or being an IFBB pro, plan things like lifting 10 more kgs on the bench press by next week, or out-lift you training partner the whole week, big goals should only be a priority when they are in the near future

And remember…

No One Knows You Better Than Yourself

This is my final message, be open to new ideas, but ignore those who try to impose their teachings or constantly question your methods.

Most people are helpful but some are just straight up annoying.

I once had a guy that could only deadlift 100kgs (220lbs) try to teach me how to deadlift. Man, I got so pissed!

Sum up: Always be ready to learn, but question every idea that is presented to you.